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A Unique, Low Cost, 3-in-1 Blower for the Average Home Owner...


Are you an average home owner that tackles weekend yard work? Does a backpack blower seem like overkill? Then check out the new WORX TRIVAC. It is an innovative blower, lawn vacuum, and mulcher that is capable of 350 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow at 210 MPH!

Best Backpack Blowers for Consumers? Our Top 3 Picks!

John Deere BP45LE
John Deere BP45LE Backpack Blower

A Great choice for both the consumer as well as the professional due to the quality and reliability.

Echo PB-265L
Echo PB-265L Backpack Blower

Excellent choice for the consumer who cares for a large yard. This is an entry level blower from the line of Echo backpack blowers.

Husqvarna 125BT
Husqvarna 125BT Backpack Blower

At 13 pounds, 310 CFM, and generating only 67 dB(A), the Husqvarna 125BT is an ideal consumer choice.

Best Backpack Blowers for Professionals? Our Top Picks!

Redmax EBZ8001
Redmax EBZ8001 Backpack Blower

The Redmax EBZ8001 is engineered to provide the durability that professionals need.

Stihl BR600
Stihl BR600 Backpack Blower

The Stihl BR600 weighs in at only 21.6 pounds and generates 712 CFM of air flow through the tube. It has the power the Pros need.