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Leaf Blower Courtesy

Leaf Blower Courtesy A backpack leaf blower can be one of the most beloved tools that you own. Power blowers can be big time savers over traditional methods of debris collection and disposal. The time saved from using this tool can be devoted to other activities that you would prefer to engage in.
On the other hand, the gas powered blower that you love may be despised by your neighbor. The noise generated by gas powered blowers can be a huge annoyance to a neighbor looking for a little peace and quiet. Consider the following tips to help ensure that your neighbor is just as fond of your blower as you are.

Hours of Operation

Operate your gas powered blower only during reasonable hours. Avoid running your blower during the early morning hours, and during the late evenings or night. These are times when people are often sleeping or relaxing, and the noise generated from gas powered blowers can make that next to impossible. Be especially courteous on the weekends, as these are often the only days that working individuals have a chance to sleep in. Check with your local metro government office to ensure that there are no noise ordinances in effect in your area. If so, they can provide you with all the details to ensure that you remain in compliance.

Watch Your Debris

Don’t let your leaf problem become your neighbor’s leaf problem…
Ensure that you control your debris so that it doesn’t end up in your neighbor’s yard. Don’t blow your leaves or debris into the street or other common areas. It doesn’t need to be an eye sore for other area residents. It should be collected and disposed of properly.

Dust Control

If the conditions are dry, consider dampening your leaves debris, which will cut down on the dust generated from your blower. Take note of the direction that the wind is blowing. Scan the area to ensure that your neighbors are not enjoying the afternoon on their patio or in their yard. Ensure that the dust generated from your blower will not end up blowing in their direction.

Practice Safe Operation

Make sure that your neighbors and/or their children are not in close proximity while running your blower. Accidental injury from airborne debris can result in injury, especially to the eye.

Lower Your Speed to Lower Your Noise

Operate your backpack blower at the lowest speed possible that still allows you to get the job done. Backpack blowers often generate very high CFM air flow volumes; often much more than is required to tackle the job at hand. If operating your blower at half throttle still allows you to get the job done, you will reduce the amount of noise output, and your neighbors will appreciate you for it.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Converse with your neighbors about your blower, and communicate your concerns about not wanting it to be an annoyance for them. Get input from them on the best times to operate your blower that will result in the least impact for them. After taking this measure, you will often find that your neighbors will give you the green light to operate your blower at will, but they will appreciate the fact that you have taken their comfort into consideration.

Be a Good Samaritan

Want to really shine in your neighbor’s eyes? Then take the extra time to tackle the leaf problem in their yard, after taking care of your own. Backpack leaf blowers can be a major cause of envy in those who do not own them. This envy only grows deeper as they spend more time with their rake making little progress, and they see you blasting through your job with ease. Let them know that you are going to blow your leaves, and that it would be no problem to take care of theirs while you are at it. Or if they aren’t home, surprise them. There is nothing that can make a neighbor more appreciative in the fall than to arrive home from work with the plans of spending a few hours with their rake, only to find a neat pile of leaves nicely collected and waiting to be disposed of.
A little proactive courtesy can go a long way in making sure that your gas blower doesn’t become a source of bad neighborly relations.