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Tips for Selecting a Backpack Blower

Tips for Selecting a Blower

Backpack blowers are powerful tools designed with a specific purpose in mind:
Providing raw power to move large amounts debris in a form factor designed for portability and extended use.

As you research your options, you will find that your choices are not limited. There are a number of backpack blower manufacturers that each have numerous blower models on the market.

Many questions come to mind as you prepare to purchase a backpack blower.

  • Do I really need a backpack blower, or should I just get a hand-held model?
  • Which one is right for me?
  • Which backpack blower features are most important?
  • And so on…

Before you set out to make a purchase, determine what your needs are and then research the options that fit those needs. You will find that this helps to narrow your focus, and will help you hone in on the blower that is right for you.

Professional or Consumer?

If you are a professional looking for a blower, then the answer is an easy one. Backpack blowers are an ideal fit for professionals because of the frequency and duration of use. The raw power that a backpack blower provides makes quick work of a job, and allows the professional to get on to the next job. When time equals money, professionals need the right tool for the job. Look at any professional lawn care or landscaping crew and you’ll see them using backpack blowers. They are a natural fit.
If you are a consumer looking for a blower, a backpack blower may be overkill, depending upon your needs. Consider the questions below to see if a backpack blower is the right fit for your application.

The Size of Your Property?

How much property do you have to maintain? If you are on a small lot, then a smaller hand-held unit may be a better fit for you. Larger lots or landowners with acreage may find that a backpack blower allows them to spend less time clearing the annual leaf fall, and freeing up more time to devote to more pleasant activities.
Battery powered, hand held blowers have limited runtime and limited power. The size of the job at hand may not make battery powered blowers a viable option.
Electric blowers require long extension cords, and this may be a limiting factor depending on the size of your property.
Gas powered, hand held blowers often provide acceptable power, but the fuel tanks are limited in size. This affects the duration of runtime between refills. The stress and strain placed on the operators hands and arms may be tolerable for small to medium-sized jobs, but may be too much to deal with for large jobs.
If you are dealing with a medium to large-sized piece of property and portability is an important factor, then a backpack blower may be the right choice for you. Consider the additional factors below to make your decision.

Amount of Leaf Fall?

The number and type of trees on your property impact the size of the annual leaf fall you will be dealing with. Smaller amounts of foliage may be handled by hand-held units, but dense tree population may give you a substantial job to deal with on an annual basis. Medium to large-sized property owners will want to consider the benefits that a backpack blower can provide them.

The Duration of Use?

It’s no secret that backpack blowers pack some serious power. This power gives you the ability to move a large volume of debris in a short amount of time. If you find that you are spending a longer than desired amount of time dealing with your annual leaf fall, then a backpack blower can shorten that time.
Backpack blowers are designed for big jobs. They have larger fuel tanks than hand-held models, and allow the operator to spend more time clearing leaves and debris, and less time refilling their tank.
Backpack blowers are built to withstand long durations of use, and typically have cooling mechanisms to withstand overheating.

Your Physical Condition?

Consider your physical condition when determining if a backpack blower is right for you. Realize that these units can weigh between 12 pounds to 25+ pounds dry weight. With a full fuel tank, they can weigh a bit more. So consider the amount of time you will need to have a 12 – 25 pound piece of equipment on your back, and determine if you are physically capable of handling this equipment for the duration required.
If you have back problems, or are not in good physical condition, then maybe a walk behind leaf blower would be a better solution for your large job.