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Kawasaki Backpack Blowers

Kawasaki KRB300A

Kawasaki KRB300A Backpack Blower

The Kawasaki KRB300A backpack blower delivers a lot of power in a compact design. Powered by a renowned Kawasaki engine, this blower provides a high capacity of air output.

Kawasaki KRB400A

Kawasaki KRB400A Backpack Blower

The Kawasaki KRB400A backpack blower is light weight, but packs some serious power. At 18.3 pound, it generates a maximum air velocity of 200 mph, with an air flow of 418 cfm through the pipe.

Kawasaki KRB650B

Kawasaki KRB650B Backpack Blower

The Kawasaki KRB650B backpack blower can make quick work of even the largest jobs. The 45.4 cc Kawasaki TK series engine pushes 580 CFM of air volume through the tube for massive blowing power. It does this with a maximum air velocity of 164 mph.

Kawasaki KRB750A

Kawasaki KRB750A Backpack Blower

The Kawasaki KRB750A backpack blower is at the high end of Kawasaki’s line of blowers. It offers high air volume output from the powerful Kawasaki TK series engine.

Kawasaki KRB750B

Kawasaki KRB750B Backpack Blower

The powerful Kawasaki KRB750B backpack blower is a professional blower that can make easy work of the largest of jobs.