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Kawasaki KRB400A Blower

Product Name The Kawasaki KRB400A backpack blower is light weight, but packs some serious power. At 18.3 pound, it generates a maximum air velocity of 200 mph, with an air flow of 418 cfm through the pipe.
The KRB400A has been discontinued by Kawasaki, which is a disappointment because it is a solid machine. There is a lot to like about it. The weight to power ratio is impressive, giving the operator a lot of power in a light package. You can still find new and used models available from online retailers, and will for some time to come.
The 3.2 hp engine has some very nice noise minimization features. This starts with the plastic engine shroud and fan casing, and is topped off by the glass wool lined muffler.
We like the hip throttle mounted on the side as opposed to a trigger on the pipe. Look for this feature to help reduce fatigue.
The two liter fuel tank is translucent on the KRB400A. This allows the operator to, at a glance, determine how much fuel remains. We appreciate the large, built-in carrying handle on this model, which makes transporting the unit a breeze.
Next to power, we believe that comfort is the most important factor when considering a backpack blower purchase. An operator needs to be able to withstand long duration use. Kawasaki has this covered with their specially designed back padding and harness scheme. Couple those features with the light weight of this model, and comfort is not a worry.

Who should use the Kawasaki KRB400A blower?

This blower is on the low end of Kawasaki’s line, but it still contains a lot of power. This unit would be well suited for land owners and semi-pros. Consumers with a considerable sized piece of property may also consider this model. Serious professionals will probably want to look at a more powerful commercial unit.

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