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Kawasaki KRB650B Blower

Product Name The Kawasaki KRB650B backpack blower can make quick work of even the largest jobs. The 45.4 cc Kawasaki TK series engine pushes 580 CFM of air volume through the tube for massive blowing power. It does this with a maximum air velocity of 164 mph.
The KRB650B is just one step down from the most powerful backpack blower manufactured by Kawasaki. It is still classified as a professional grade blower though. At 19.1 pounds, it exhibits a very remarkable power to weight quotient. And that is why the pros like it. It runs clean, and only emits a 71 dB(A) noise level, when measured at 50 feet per the ANSI standards. The noise is minimized on this blower by the implementation of a specially lined muffler and an engine shroud.
It has a large two liter translucent fuel tank, so you can tell at a glance what your fuel status is. This large gas tank allows for long running times between refills. With the longer running time, comfort becomes an important factor. This backpack blower has a specially crafted back pad and harnessing system that was designed with comfort in mind. The throttle is tube mounted, and there is no option for a hip mount throttle on the 650 series.
The KRB650B is designed to last, so Kawasaki backs it with a 5 year consumer warranty and a 2 year commercial warranty. The electronic ignition module carries a lifetime warranty.

Who should use the Kawasaki KRB650B backpack blower?

This product was targeted to the demanding and frequent user. Therefore, professionals and semi-pros are often users of this 650 series. A land owner with large annual leaf jobs will be grateful for the power that this unit provides. Homeowners, and those with smaller properties to care for should look into the Kawasaki KRB350A or KRB400A.

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