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Kawasaki KRB750A Blower

Product Name The Kawasaki KRB750A backpack blower is at the high end of Kawasaki’s line of blowers. It offers high air volume output from the powerful Kawasaki TK series engine.
Professionals will appreciate the high cfm generated from the KRB750A. At only 20.7 pounds, this backpack blower pushes an impressive 720 cfm air volume through the pipe with an air velocity of 200 mph. Wet leaves and grass won’t stand a chance against this professional grade blower.
The operator will appreciate the high power to weight ratio of this unit. The padding and backpack harness system are specially designed for comfort. The noise level measured at the ANSI standard of 50 feet is 73 dB(A), which is in line with competitive blowers with comparable power. There are several design features implemented to help minimize the noise levels. The plastic engine shroud and fan housing, coupled with a muffler that uses a glass wool lining all contribute to the noise reduction.
We like the hip throttle on this model, which helps to reduce hand strain. Other nice features include a large 2 liter translucent fuel tank and a large handle designed for easy portability.

Who should use the Kawasaki KRB750A backpack blower?

The KRB750A has more power than the average homeowner would require. So it is best suited for professionals. Lawn care, landscaping professionals, and institutions will appreciate the power to make quick work of small jobs to the biggest of jobs.

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