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Kawasaki KRB750B Blower

Product Name The powerful Kawasaki KRB750B backpack blower is a professional blower that can make easy work of the largest of jobs.
The only difference you will find between the KRB750B and the KRB750A is the throttle type. The KRB750B uses a tube mount throttle, while the KRB750A uses a side mounted hip throttle.
This backpack blower uses the powerful TK series engine from Kawasaki. With a maximum air velocity of 200 mph and a maximum air volume of 720 cfm through the tube, nothing will stand in the KRB750B’s way. It can handle the thickest of wet leaves and grass with ease.
The 20.7 pound KRB750B was designed with comfort in mind. The padded back and harness strap system provides the operator a comfortable experience for long duration use. In addition, measures have been taken to reduce the noise output. It emits only 73 dB(A) due to the noise minimizing features; a glass wool-lined muffler, plastic engine shroud and fan casing.
Another notable feature is the large gas tank. It is translucent, allowing you to easily check the status. The 67.6 oz tank allows the operator to tackle large jobs without stopping for refills.
The Kawasaki KRB750B is designed to last. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the electronic ignition module. Emission-related components are covered for a two year period. Kawasaki backs this unit with a 5 year consumer / 2 year commercial warranty.

Who should use the Kawasaki KRB750B blower?

This is designed for the professional. The KRB750B has more power than the average homeowner will ever need. Landowners will find this blower to have more than enough power for any of their needs. Professional landscapers and lawn care companies will find the KRB750B a great fit for their needs.

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