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Redmax EBZ7001 Blower

Product Name If you are looking for a commercial grade backpack blower, then you must be looking for a Redmax EBZ7001. The Redmax line of blowers is designed for professionals, and they are built to last.
The Redmax EBZ7001 backpack blower features a 2-stroke engine with 64.9 cc displacement that generates 3.9 horsepower. That gives it the power to push a 205 MPH maximum air speed, while generating 586 CFM of air flow through the tube. The ultra low emissions make this a powerful, yet environmentally friendly blower. The EBZ7001 packs a punch that is big enough to tackle the largest of jobs.
Redmax has put an emphasis on comfort in their line of backpack blowers. At 23.4 pounds, the EBZ7001 won’t weigh you down. Air from the fan housing is utilized to keep its operator cool, even on the hottest summer days. The back pad is oversized and contoured for comfort. The extra wide backpack straps help to displace the weight and ease shoulder stress.
Quality design and commercial grade components are backed by a Redmax 2 year commercial warranty, and a 2 year homeowner warranty.

Who should use the Redmax EBZ7001 Backpack Blower?

The EBZ7001 is mainly used by professionals. It is an excellent choice for landscapers, lawn care pros, and institutions. It is also a great choice for the land owner or home owner that has a substantial piece of property to care for.

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