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Redmax EBZ8001 Blower

Product Name Redmax is a line of professional-grade power equipment for outdoor applications. Their products are targeted to the professional landscaper, or the individual who cares for their properly like a pro. Find any lawn care professional, and he is liable to have a Redmax EBZ8001 backpack leaf blower on his back.
The pros favor Redmax because they lead the industry in product engineering. They use commercial-grade components in their backpack blowers. They are engineered to endure heavy use, and are built to last. Redmax backs up this quality with a 2 year commercial warranty and a 2 year homeowner warranty. The EBZ8100 is the most powerful backpack blower they offer. Its 2-stroke engine packs a high-power punch, while still emitting ultra-low emissions. So it is both powerful and environmentally friendly. The Redmax EBZ8100 generates an air speed of up to 201 MPH from its 71.9 cc 4.4 horsepower engine. That equates to 685 cubic feet per minute of air displacement through its pipe.
Redmax realizes that professionals make heavy use of their equipment, so they have designed them for comfort. At 25.4 pounds, the EBZ8001 is easily manageable, even for the biggest jobs. Their Max Cooled back pad keeps the user cool and comfortable on warm days by directing air from the fan housing to cool the operator. Straps are extra wide, and the contoured back pad is oversized to help provide maximum comfort.
The noise emission is measured at 77 dB(A). The EBZ8001/EBZ8001RH models conform to the 2008 U.S. EPA regulations for small non-road engines. If you live in California, you would want to be looking at the EBZ8001-CA/EBZ8001RH-CA models. The engines in these models meet the 2008 U.S. EPA and 2008 California EXH and EVP emission regulations.

Who should use the RedMax EBZ8001?

The Redmax EBZ8001 is designed for landscaping professionals, lawn care professionals, or grounds keepers that use their equipment on a frequent basis. It would be well suited for landowners that take care of larger properties, or individuals who want to care for their property like a pro.

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