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Stihl Backpack Blowers

Stihl BR380

Stihl BR380 Backpack Blower

The Stihl BR 380 D backpack blower packs a serious punch. The 56.5 cc 2-stroke engine can push an air velocity of 181 MPH at full throttle. Its air flow is measured at 465 CFM through the tube.

Stihl BR420

Stihl BR420 Backpack Blower

The Stihl BR 420 backpack blower is designed for professional performance. If you need power for big jobs, the 518 CFM of air flow won’t leave you disappointed.

Stihl BR600

Stihl BR600 Backpack Blower

The standard orange and white colors aren’t the only thing that gets the Stihl BR 600 noticed. What really makes it stand out is the power, comfort, and efficiency of this backpack blower.