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Stihl BR 380 Blower

Product Name The Stihl BR 380 D backpack blower packs a serious punch. The 56.5 cc 2-stroke engine can push an air velocity of 181 MPH at full throttle. Its air flow is measured at 465 CFM through the tube. At 20.5 pounds, the BR 380 is about a pound lighter than its big brother, the BR 600. At 73 dB(A), it runs a bit more quietly than other Stihl models. The BR 380 handles most tasks very easily. It may struggle a bit more with wet leaves and grass. So if you are dealing with these conditions frequently, you may want to consider the BR 600.
You won’t find a priming bulb on this model, so starting may take a bit more effort. After a few cold pulls to prime it, it will usually start in a pull or two. The ElastoStart starting handle compensates for this, due to the comfortable grip and built-in shock absorber.
On a full tank of gas, you can get approximately 90 minutes of full throttle time, allowing its operator to tackle the largest jobs. You will like the cruise control feature that holds the throttle at the desired speed, so you don’t have to. This can reduce strain on your trigger finger during periods of long operation.

Who should use the Stihl BR 380?

Stihl backpack leaf blowers are typically marketed towards lawn care and landscaping businesses. Although the BR 380 is on the low end of Stihl’s backpack blower line, you won’t find low quality, a low price, or low performance. Most homeowners don’t have a need for a blower of this caliber, but if you are a landowner with big seasonal leaf jobs or a general connoisseur of power equipment, the BR 380 is worth a look.

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