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Stihl BR 420 Blower

Product Name The Stihl BR 420 backpack blower is designed for professional performance. If you need power for big jobs, the 518 CFM of air flow won’t leave you disappointed.
Stihl definitely makes a premium product, but you will also find a premium price tag associated with their family of backpack blowers. So Stihl backpack blowers are typically used by professionals. A general consumer may be scared off by the price tag of the BR 420, but if you are willing to pay for performance then this may be the blower for you.
The BR 420 blower weighs in at only 20.5 pounds. The 56.5 cc engine is the same engine found in the BR 380, and has 3.55 HP to produce a max air velocity of 172 MPH. It moves an additional 53 CFM air volume than its younger sibling though. The larger tube results in lower air velocity, but a higher CFM. And let’s face it, the CFM is what moves the leaves and debris, not the air velocity.

Who should use the Stihl BR 420?

If you are a professional landscaper (or just a consumer who wants to act like a pro), then the BR 420 is a good fit for you. The BR 420 is definitely high-end equipment. It is an ideal choice for big yards, or large pieces of property, and is commonly selected among landscaping professionals.

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