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WORX TRIVAC Review Every now and then, a product comes around that just breaks the mold. Well, it has happened again, and this time it is the WORX TRIVAC WG500.
The WORX TRIVAC is a great fit for the average home owner that tackles weekend yard work. It is a Three-In-One outdoor tool that serves as a:

1. Blower
2. Lawn Vacuum
3. Mulcher

Not only does it perform these three tasks, but it does it well.

When I look at any product, the first thing I turn to is the specs, and that is where I determined the TRIVAC was worth a closer look.

Cubic Feet Per Minute

It is capable of generating 350 cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM) and an airspeed of 210 MPH, thanks to its powerful 12 amp motor. Just to put this into perspective, the Husqvarna 125BT gas powered backpack blower only generates 310 CFM. When you consider the weight difference, it becomes very obvious that WORX has done something special here.

Light Weight

At only 8.3 pounds, there isn’t a backpack or gas powered hand-held blower that comes close to weighing in less. My fiberglass lawn rake weighs almost that much, and I’ll be happy to not drag that around the yard for hours any more. The TRIVAC is actually designed to be used with just one hand. It will cause much less fatigue than traditional gas powered blowers, so you will tire less when using it.

Powerful Blower

The 12 amp motor is capable of generating a powerful air flow. This blower is perfect for removing lawn clippings and clearing dirt and debris from walkways and patios. The TRIVAC can help blow all of those fallen leaves into a pile in no time. The built-in air flow regulator allows you to adjust the power on the fly.


No more filling yard bags with leaves by hand. With a flip of a switch, you can convert the WORX TRIVAC into a Vacuum/Mulcher. No reconfiguration or reassembly is required, like with other blower/vacs.
It can vacuum up 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than one minute. It mulches the leaves as they are vacuumed, condensing them down to 1/10th of their original size. They collect in a 10 gallon breathable nylon fabric collector bag, that attaches with a quick-connect coupler. So you can mulch up to 100 gallons of dry leaves before having to empty the bag.
The mulching feature is great, and can ultimately money by allowing you to use less yard trash bags. What used to fill 10 trash bags will now fit into one. At almost $17.00 per box, the savings on these bags will pay for WORX TRIVAC during the time that I own it.

Other Uses

You will quickly find that the TRIVAC is useful for a lot of other applications around the home. I find that the vacuum feature is ideal for garage cleanup and even cleaning up saw dust from the wood shop or worksite too. Since it does not run on gas, it can be operating indoors without the concern for ventilation.
Since it light weight, it is perfect for taking on the roof for semi-annual gutter cleanings.
It can get into tight places too, so it is perfect for cleaning under the deck and behind the shrubs in the flower beds.

The Cons

The biggest drawback to the TRIVAC is the fact that it requires an electrical cord. So I wouldn’t recommend using it around water. The distance of your electric cord can affect your range of operation. A 100 foot long outdoor extension cord will cover most residential properties easily though. I just hate rolling up that much cord when the job is done though. So I purchased an Alert Stamping Pro-Reel cord carrier to make this easier. It holds up to 150 feet of cord that can be cranked up by hand. The handy carrying handle is nice for transporting.

How Much Does it Cost?

The best place to purchase the WORX TRIVAC is from Amazon.com.
They have the lowest price of any retailer that we checked, coming in at only $84.19 (as of the writing of this review).
Amazon was also offering Free Shipping, so you can get out the door for $84.19.
I checked the price of the TRIVAC directly from the WORX company, and they were charging $89.85 + $21.14 for shipping for a total of $110.99.
That is a full $26.80 worth of savings by purchasing through Amazon.


If you are home owner who does the typical weekend yard work, then the WORX TRIVAC will be perfect for you. I really like only having to store one tool on the garage wall as opposed to three separate tools (blower, vacuum, mulcher). It is nice to have an all-in-one yard tool that has the power to get the job done, but is still offered at a very economical price.